The Importance of Your Nonprofit Organization’s Branding

Many nonprofits make the mistake of assuming that branding and brand awareness are more suited to

commercial ventures and companies. While we tend to think of companies like Nike, Apple or Coca-Cola when it comes to well-known brands – this doesn’t mean that there is no use for branding in a nonprofit organization.

In fact, the World Wildlife Fund, The Red Cross and Cancer Research UK are also widely recognized as having incredible brand awareness and people from all over the world know what they do and who they are. That’s because they have a great brand strategy that aligns with the work that they are promoting.

Brand awareness isn’t just for the big nonprofit

organizations though, and even small start-ups can benefit from it. Have a look at how these five nonprofits have made their brand work for them.

Here are the reasons why branding is important for your nonprofit organization:

It differentiates you from everyone else

The fact of the matter is that you are competing with a whole heap of other nonprofits on more than one front; donors, grants and benefactors are all being fought for by a host of companies similar to yours.

Use your branding to tell a story and emotionally captivate your audience and you’ll be more likely to get new donors and retain loyal ones. Great branding is an opportunity to differentiate your company from your competitors and help you stand out for your target audience.

Widens your audience

As a nonprofit organization, you are constantly looking for new donors and consistent funding, and this means that you need to reach new audiences. A great brand strategy will produce a strong sense of brand awareness, which will, in turn, reach further – exposing you to new audiences and target markets, as well as helping you to find new potential donors.

Positive company image

Your brand determines how people view your company and gives you control over the image that you project to current and prospective donors. It may seem obvious to you and the cause that you work towards, that you are advocating for something positive – however, most people need a certain amount of persuasion to come to the same conclusion.

Control your image by creating and engaging compelling and consistent brand awareness, and this will allow people to interact with and see your brand in a positive way.

Helps strengthen trust

This is one of the greatest benefits of having an awesome brand strategy, which doesn’t just apply to nonprofits. Think about it for a second – you buy a pair of shoes, a phone or something else that you need – the service provided by the brand is simply excellent. So, it would make sense that you go back to that brand the next time you need a product/service offered by them.

If people can see the good that you are doing, and you provide consistently great service, then they are going to remember your brand and will continue to support and trust you as you grow.

So, what do you think about branding for a nonprofit organization?

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