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Inbound Marketing for Nonprofits

Reach the modern donor with a multi-channel approach based on building trust

Nonprofit marketing--how to reap the benefits using inbound marketing

Today, because of new internet communication tools, potential donors are more informed about organizations and their offerings than ever before. This has changed their behavior and approach to information searching and sharing. 

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Successfully employing inbound marketing for your nonprofit

Once you know your donor profiles and their behavior patterns you can then use the following to attract and maintain fruitful relationships with them;

Content Planning: will help you write information in a way that will be relevant to the interests of your potential donors and other stakeholders.

SEO: aims to make your nonprofit come up at the top of the list during searched for information and causes related to your organization, thus boosting your lead creation and conversion rates.

Frequent blogging: blogs provide topic-specific and educational information, making then very effective at generating traffic to your website and nurturing relationships with your patrons.

Social Media: these platforms put you in the right position to attract people who have the same interests and values as your nonprofit and are more likely to support your organization. Research has shown tha people between the ages of 35 to 64 (perhaps your largest target audience) make up 54% of social media users. Statistics from September 2014 show that 71% of online adults were suing Facebook, 23% were on Twitter and about 67% of these users share information through social media.





Nonprofit Marketing Audit

Part of developing a good fundraising program depends on some self-reflection.

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Digital Marketing Analysis   



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