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Fundraising: Higher Education

We'll work with you to keep your alumni engaged, connected, and feeling good about their alma mater.

It has become increasingly difficult for higher education marketers to build relationships with alumni.

With so many communication channels, in addition to the overload of messages and overused marketing tactics that they receive, alumni easily become alienated from their colleges and universities. In order to increase and maintain an alumni community, it is necessary to employ a comprehensive strategy focused on providing relevant content and offers to your graduates.

We will assist your institution in figuring out how to send the right content using the right communication channel to effectively engage alumni for the long run. We will help you to figure out your goals and then offer solutions that will help you to meet them.

Our solutions are not just generic ideas or strategies.



Instead, we work with your particular situation to make strategies specific to your institution's needs. Using different forms of content and multiple communication channels, we will help to keep your alumni engaged, connected, and feeling good about their alma mater. With these strategies, together we will make your alumni active participants in meeting key objectives.

Nonprofit Marketing Audit

Part of developing a good fundraising program depends on some self-reflection.

Are we taking advantage of lessons learned by others by implementing "best practices?" Click here to learn more.

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