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5 Tips for Attracting New Donors for Nonprofit Organizations

by Dan Linn on Nov 2, 2016 12:46:03 PM

Having difficulty attracting donors? It is a challenge indeed, but one with a solution. We have found that, donors for nonprofit organizations need to be attracted through a personal touch. A lot of people are looking for a donors-for-nonprofit-organizations.jpegcause that they can identify with, especially millennial donors. You need to give them the feeling that they are part of a team. Whoever your target audience is, you can depend on us at Solution Link IMS, to provide you with an awesome nonprofit marketing strategy which will attract and retain donors.

Create real & personal appeals

If you’re going to attract and retain millennial donors you need to create some excitement, a story and a personality that appeals to them and urges them to become part of your cause. You need to prepare your case to make sure it explains why the potential donor would want to contribute to your nonprofit. Using social media to develop a “community” or group where donors interact and get feedback about progress is key to creating a feeling of individual value within the team which is how millennial donors see themselves. In addition to millennials, you will be able to attract a lot of different types of donors through tailored nonprofit marketing campaigns.

Let’s look at five important tips on how to attract donors using nonprofit marketing.

1. Donors for nonprofit organizations - Speak to your potential donors

Study the type of people who are most likely to contribute to your cause. Learn how to speak to them in a way that will attract them to your cause, then, keep the conversation going to retain them. You always have to be on the ball when developing a relationship with donors, do not delve into topics that are bitter for their tongue, loud to their ears and shocking to their eyes. Keep things in perspective.

2. Create a FOMO Marketing strategy

Donors for nonprofit organizations should be groomed through strategic nonprofit marketing. A clever way to convert your prospects into long term donors (and this works in the for-profit and credit realms too) is to create a fear of missing out sometimes called fear of loss. Millennial donors are the biggest targets of the FOMO strategy because their daily lives have a lot to do with their status and whether they are in the thick of things or not. If you’ve created a culture so to speak, based on your NPO and have tours, events and presentations unique to you, they will NOT want to miss out on a chance to be trending. Consistency and class will keep your FOMO marketing strategy fresh and effective.

3. Involve your donors deeply in your work

Delegating roles to your prospects and donors allows them deep involvement in your operations. This is the best way to educate your prospects and existing donors about new and exciting developments and maintains that culture they continuously want to be part of. You can’t go wrong with this, that’s if you’ve made sure you know your audience before inviting them in. They will protect your NPO and carry your nonprofit marketing efforts on their back. It’s the same thing as the  effect a job with valuable perks has for an empowered employee.

4. Donors for nonprofit organizations - Thank your existing donors

Show appreciation to those who have contributed to your NPO, after all, it is difficult to get people to support something that will obviously not enrich them financially. Your gratitude may be conveyed to the donor via a written letter, without any generic chit chat generated by word processing software, or something similarly impersonal. You may also send some small personalized gifts. Showing your donors that they are the first thing on your mind when they support your mission reveals to them that you’re a genuinely concerned and appreciative organization and that all the revenue and time they are investing is having a positive impact. A worthy cause indeed.

5. Create annual donors

Once you have successfully retained your donors, create a system, similar to a subscription where donors annually contribute at a specific period. This will inject funds into your NPO providing stability and enabling future plans to be enabled with a generally accurate budget. Your nonprofit marketing should cater to this subscription style of fundraising by mailing a newsletter periodically. The newsletter should contain exciting developments and future plans for your NPO. This publication will lend credibility to your organization and position it for future success.

Solution Link IMS understands the difficulties you are facing. Let us be there for you and provide the tools that will drive your success.

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