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8 Quick SEO Tips for Your Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

by Dan Linn on Aug 14, 2018 1:03:40 PM

Why is SEO for nonprofits important?

The basic goal of Search Engine Optimization is to increase website traffic.

All companies that have a website should want as many visitors to that site as possible.

It goes without saying that any organization could benefit from an effective SEO strategy.

By necessity, nonprofit marketing is fundamentally different from corporate or product marketing.

For profit corporations are interested in selling more product.  

By contrast, nonprofits are primarily interested in raising awareness for the cause they stand for.

What’s the best way to develop an SEO strategy for your nonprofit that will help your cause stand out?

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3 Immediate Steps for Financially Failing Nonprofits

by Perry Jowsey on Aug 6, 2018 4:28:55 PM

Last month I designed an interactive assessment for nonprofit finances, designed to provide an immediate snapshot to help evaluate and monitor nonprofit health.  Taking stock of this sort is more important now than ever before.  According to Forbes in 2016, half of nonprofits are set up to fail – and that was in the midst of economic boom predating current year predictions of a $20 Billion charitable giving decrease. 

Although budgeting with a downward and declining revenue projection is a dominant reality for nonprofits entering 2019, some are far more vulnerable to market forces.  You might be working for an organization where the ‘writing is on the wall’, perhaps through several years of budget deficits and hemorrhaging of cash.  Or, it might hit you out of the blue, like corporate giant Bear Stearns in 2008 – dissolving overnight after posting its first quarter of revenue loss in a more than 80-year history. 

Whatever path has led you here, if you’re among the 10% or so that scored under 20 on my assessment, your organization has a terminal diagnosis. Just as with any diagnosis this severe, the alternatives are to accept the fate and focus on getting affairs in order for the inevitable end, or to fight to the end with optimism and embracing all experimental remedies.  

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5 Authenticated Secrets to Use in Content Marketing for Nonprofits

by Dan Linn on Jul 26, 2018 3:56:30 PM

Fall is just around the corner.

Have you considered launching a fall fundraising campaign?

Seasonal campaigns are a great way to make up for funding shortfalls, build support and advance your mission.

For many small nonprofits, running an effective seasonal campaign may seem too difficult.

But sometimes, all it takes is the right game plan to get things moving.

Many hold the preconceived notion that marketing is exclusive to the realm of for-profit companies.

But, this is simply not the case.

Nonprofits are competing with each other for donor interest and need to implement an effective marketing strategy to truly stand out.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and answer these 10 questions.

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A 10 Question Quiz to Assess Your Fundraising and Nonprofit Health

by Perry Jowsey on Jul 20, 2018 3:58:09 PM

July is a natural time to take stock of your nonprofit organizational health. 

For most, it is the beginning of a new fiscal year, and for most others, it marks the mid-way point of current operations.  In any case, the final 4 months of the calendar year are central to nonprofit fundraising success.

While no one formula or set of circumstances can guarantee failure or success, there are some core areas where best performing organizations thrive, and where those who cannot hit these structural benchmarks languish or dissolve.

We’ve used these principles to put together this quiz as a tool for your organizational self-assessment. 

Are you poised for a fundraising windfall this year, or is a precarious future lurking around the corner?  Complete the answers below and use the scoring key to determine your results.

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Donor Behavior 101; Building A Fundraising Strategy for Success

by Dan Linn on Jul 16, 2018 2:30:37 PM

As the development director of your nonprofit, you probably spend a lot of time trying to understand your organization’s target market.

What are their interests, needs and desires?

What really makes them tick?

What makes them want to donate to your nonprofit?

But don’t lose site of the big picture.

If you’re looking too closely at your own target market and how to push your nonprofit marketing message out, it’s easy to forget the foundation of successful donor cultivation.

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Is Written Content Important in Content Marketing for Nonprofits?

by Dan Linn on Jul 10, 2018 3:02:17 PM

Our friends at the Content Marketing Institute define content marketing as “ a strategic marketing approach, focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately to drive profitable customer action.”

Nonprofits have been creating content to engage constituents and donor prospects for as long as the nonprofit vertical has existed.

In fact, 92% of nonprofits surveyed in the nonprofit content marketing report published by np ENGAGE in 2014 said that they were using content marketing.

These days we hear a lot about how video is taking over the internet and dominating content marketing.

In their 4th annual “State of Video Marketing Survey” Wyzowl claims that video consumption by consumers is on the rise.

Their survey showed that the average respondent typically watches video content for 1.5 hours per day. Moreover, 15% of the respondents watch videos more than 3 hours a day.

Has the popularity of the written word in content marketing regressed?

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6 Ways to Fail at Donor Cultivation Using Content Marketing for Nonprofits

by Dan Linn on Jun 26, 2018 4:21:37 PM

In the battle to drive nonprofit revenue and profits, content marketing is a critically important tool.

The content on your web pages, blog posts, landing pages and downloadable educational resources, gives you an opportunity to attract donor prospects, build trust with them, and answer questions they may have in their donor journey.

Without content your digital marketing assets would be a series of empty web pages.

Content is everything.

If you fail to make it a cornerstone of your nonprofit marketing strategy, your donor cultivation efforts will suffer.

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Crafting a Value Proposition to Enhance Your Fundraising Strategy

by Dan Linn on Jun 19, 2018 5:05:41 PM

Frazzled consumers don’t care about the overall goal of your nonprofit organization.

They’re happily going about their lives doing the best they can with the resources they have.

They don’t want to change anything, because for them change is work.

Your targeted donor prospects need to see that there are options they don’t know about yet.

These options are what wake them up and kick them out of their comfort zone.

Their attunement to your nonprofit organization starts with having a strong value proposition that’s highly attractive.

One that answers their question “why should I consider changing from my status quo?”

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Should Our Nonprofit Hire A Grant Writing Consultant?

by Dan Linn on Jun 12, 2018 2:33:22 PM

Virtually every nonprofit organization needs to write grant proposals.

Which means that someone in your organization will be tasked with writing proposals, in addition to their regular work, or may be required to write them full time.

Researching and writing grants takes time and requires one to sharpen their research and writing skills.

You may be fortunate to have an experienced grant writer on staff.

But for many nonprofits that is not the case, and it might make sense to hire a grant writing consultant.

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Converting Event Donors to Organizational Donors

by Dan Linn on Jun 5, 2018 4:37:14 PM

A fundraising event is not an end in and of itself.

It holds the potential to expand your organization’s traditional fundraising pipelines.

A strategic approach can convert event donors into annual fund, major and planned gift donors.

Spending time engaging event participants is vital.

Studies have shown that there is a tremendous untapped opportunity in event donors who have already demonstrated their support through a monetary donation.

But most organizations make the mistake of dismissing this type of philanthropy as merely tangential in their nonprofit marketing plan.

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