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Rebranding in a Time of Transition

Today’s market economy is a dynamic, growing, transforming environment that is changing at a dizzying pace.

The sheer speed and dynamics of these changes are staggering, ubiquitous and inescapable. It is hard to believe that in the last decade major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have completely changed how a billion people process news and information, communicate with family and friends and advertise and promote businesses.

The smart phone itself is barely 8 years old and yet it has become an endless source of innovation, driving new uses of search engines and social media, speeding online transactions and creating new dimensions of business marketing.

The changes affecting us through our communications and information infrastructure amount to a massive societal paradigm shift, and Solution Link itself has been growing and evolving – anticipating change.

For more than 3 decades as BC Print and Web we serviced an extraordinarily wide range of clients, from credit unions, law firms and tech companies to non-profit educational organizations, pharmacies and professional associations.

We developed marketing communications for our diverse client base through comprehensive expertise in print media of any size, quantity and format, from brochures, posters, direct mail campaigns, and sales literature to carefully crafted advertising campaigns with high end graphic art and design packages, always with a keen eye for messaging.

With excellent customer service, exacting attention to detail and efficient turn-over and production, we helped our clients enhance their sales and achieve their business, professional and organizational communication objectives,

Yet we have also watched our clients and their businesses and whole industries change, as the Internet and digital communications naturally replaced a great deal of the need for print messaging.

Out of necessity we took time to reevaluate our own business resources, inventory, staff and services, and we examined how we could augment our 30 years of experience in print communications, marketing and advertising in ways that would be relevant to the new digital marketing economy.

After analyzing and studying new trends and developing strategic alliances with partners like Hubspot, and The Data and Marketing Association, we affected our own transformation, and have chosen the name Solution Link, Integrated Marketing Services as a stronger brand and a better representation of our new integrated marketing and cross-media services.

We are excited about meeting the challenges of this new economy and changing times for our traditional clients as well as cultivating relationships with new businesses, entrepreneurial ventures, educational and nonprofit organizations and professional associations.

Feel free to contact us to discuss developing a comprehensive strategy and unique plan for meeting your marketing communication needs.

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