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Improve your nonprofit marketing with a targeted approach

Understand Your Donor Audiences
Persuading people to commit to contributions has never been easy, but now a looming trend is set to make fundraising even more of a challenge for nonprofits that don't anticipate the change.

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10 Questions  for Your Nonprofit Marketing Team
When the majority of your organization's donations come from private donors, you need strategic processes in place to identify potential donors and communicate with them effectively.


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Inbound Marketing for Nonprofits

Given the improved ROI that inbound marketing has delivered for brands over the last several years, it should come as no surprise that many nonprofits are showing an interest in adopting the inbound methodology.

How to use Inbound Marketing to attract new donors


Instead of relying on old, outbound marketing methods of buying ads, purchasing email lists, paying for leads and using direct mail campaigns, entice your audiences to come to you using inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward your nonprofit, where they naturally want to be.

By aligning the content you publish with your donor's interests, you naturally attract inbound website traffic that you can then convert, close and delight over time.

A healthy inbound strategy should focus on a foundational set of marketing tactics that prioritize impact and long-term donor relationships above quick wins.

A new marketing strategy should start with an analysis of your current tactics. Click here to start the ball rolling with an analysis.

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